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We are a creative agency based in Kochi, India, working with clients from all over the world.

Design meets strategy and technology
Perfect formula to help your business grow

Our philosophy

We get to understand the needs of our clients so that we can tailor solutions to their exact needs, and deliver high-value results that transform their businesses.

We believe in the combined power of creativity, imagination and strategy

Our mission is to empower our clients through technology. We promise to connect you with your customers by understanding your vision, and giving you a voice in the digital world.

Our Approach


To relate is to understand, make connections, and identify with. We strive to understand our clients unique stories and visions so that we can successfully relate that to their customers, staff, and key stakeholders.


To make something simple is not always easy, as it requires a complete understanding. We endeavour to combine our experience and creativity to produce simple, seamless and enjoyable experiences.

Your Story

Every story is unique, and we’re interested in understanding and telling yours. We combine wisdom and technology, experience and creativity, in order to realise your vision and tell your unique story.

Together we make
good stuff.

We are expert in

Branding, Identity & Strategy

The Brand identity is important to expressing your company name and values. A well-designed logo is informative, clearly signaling who you are within seconds of a glance. How you represent yourself and the impressions you receive, lays the foundations to building positive customer relations and developing their trust.

Digital Marketing

We writes stories for brands to engage trust with customers. Our Digital Marketing Services empower your business presence on every possible online channel. Auvi experts are certified marketers and they understand the customer’s journey from awareness to consideration and purchase. From organic to Paid marketing campaigns we do everything to uplift the value of a brand.

User Experience & User Interface

Do you have a product that is based on a fantastic idea but does not make what you expected? Let's find out together the reasons and data in hand, we try to improve the experience of your users.

Websites & Apps

Whether it's an online platform, a mobile app, or a project that leverages augmented reality or artificial intelligence, we'll help you create your product at all stages

Inspired by curiosity
Seriously, that’s why we like our job so much.


It all starts over coffee with a pen and paper. We sit down with you to understand your vision, what you want to achieve, and what makes you unique.

From there we determine how to narrate your story across the digital world, and provide the digital tools and technology to ensure your success.

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